Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh Dear God, Why Did I Let Them Move In?

So, yesterday, I finally let my wall down and let my main characters (MCs) move into my head.  Together. All of them. In my brain. Basically, what happened after that, is that two of my main characters from different novels of mine (Alaska and Lucy) seemed to have an intense dislike for each other straight away, and seemed to argue all the time.

To be honest, I don't really mind it. I learnt lots of stuff about their personalities that I didn't know before, but then my other MCs started getting annoyed with it. So, to keep all of my other MCs happy, I got Alaska and Lucy twitter, so they could carry on their argument online and not annoy the others by it.

It sounds crazy, but I've got another really cool Twitter/Blogger friend ( or!/mariellacecilia) to join in too, and her character Julian (!/JulianTheMuse) who is so adorable, and, as Alaska called him, really, really awesome. 

So yeah. That's why I have my character's have twitter accounts on the side there...



  1. I barely keep up with my own tweets, can't see me setting up character twitter accounts. But sounds like you're having fun with it. Love the diagram :)

    1. Yeah, they like to rant about a lot of things. It's easier to let them loose on Twitter, I think, rather than let them argue it out in my head :D Haha, I LOVE the diagram!! It's what I always think when my English teacher asks us to 'explain the atmosphere' of the story.