Sunday, 27 May 2012


The fish in my pond have given birth (well, their eggs have hatched) to tiny, blue, baby fish! Aw, they are so adorable! Sometimes they jump out and do little flips that are really cute. And it's given me inspiration to have actual flying fish in Pelesivia. Perhaps a land of Flying Fish?

In other news, I have now officially gotten over my cat picture obsession! Yes, joy to the world and all that. But I have now got a piano picture obsession. Yes, ever since I looked for piano pictures to put on my Booksie profile, I've become addicted to how pretty they look. 

So, be expected to be hit with beautiful piano pictures...


  1. Cheater. That first picture is of a piano and a CAT. I, quite frankly, don't think you're quite as healed from your original obsession as you think you are. -stares at sternly- (;

    1. Ssssh ;) Hey, the first picture is of a CAT and a pond... I seriously think I need help O.O I'm even selecting pictures unconciously of cats now!!