Friday, 4 May 2012

Another Competition

I am so excited!! Why, you ask? I have just entered into my third contest on Booksie, my other writing site I go on.

It's about mythical creatures and elements. I had to pick a number between 1-15 and an element. I picked water (because come on, water is awesome!) and I picked the number 14, simply because it was my age.

I got a Goblin!! Yeah. So, at first, as soon as I got it, I was a bit sceptical - still am really. I have a few ideas of what to write, but nothing that really sticks out, you know? I just hopes this ideas block ends before July 4th, because that's the deadline.

As soon as I post it, I'll be sure to tell you lot (not that anyone's reading or following me anyway) and give a link to it so you can read what I write and be interested.

Jessica Norton/LupusAmator

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