Friday, 11 May 2012

Missing School . . .

I've been abnormally tired these past three days, and only today have I realised how tired I really am. Mum had to work early this morning, and so it was my job to wake myself up to go get a lift with my friend.

What a fail that ended up to be. 

I woke up at 9:17 a.m. and still as tired as can be. But, after I had looked at my iPod - to see the time - I remembered: today was Friday, I was supposed to be in school! So I rang my Mum up on her mobile and, as terrified as can be, I told her what had happened.

She wasn't particularly happy about the problem, but reassured me that she will tell the school that I was ill, and that I shouldn't worry, these things happen. She also told me not to tell my Dad, because it is very likely he will kill us.

So, I found this picture, and I thought I would post this on here, so I can get all this out of my system. 


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