Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Entry!!

So, after a lot of hair pulling, frustrated screams and more than enough yawns, last night I finished my competition piece that only a couple of days ago I had found so hard. 

Thanks to my lovely Booksie friend (Sliver May, check her out!) gave me a website with lots of fun and very interesting facts on Goblins, and I thought of an idea that turned out to be a hit with the competition judge.

Basically, it was a short story, and I named it Enchante Belle, which is French for Enchanted Belle. It was a one-sided love story, so only the main character was in love with the girl.

And I forgot, whilst I was writing it, that my element was water, and thought it was fire instead. So, I asked the judge to change the element to fire, and luckily, she understood and changed it.

Anyway, I promised that I would give you the link to my work, so here it is:

Enchante Belle

Have fun reading!!

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