Thursday, 24 May 2012

Games, Summer And Bees

Today in games I completely embarrassed myself. We were playing rounders, and I was on my way to getting a whole rounder, when this girl, with the ball, ran towards me (I mean, hello! Was she blind?!) and we collided into each other. I literally flew! I landed, like, two metres away. I laughed it off, but it was still so embarrassing!!

On a lighter note, it's........

Yes, the lovely sunshine has arrived. At least for a week, anyway. It was cloudy today, but all the heat stayed, and it was really stuffy and humid. Playing rounders in that is NOT fun. 

It's hot and uncomfortable.

We also have a bee infestation at school today. Someone disturbed the nest, and tons of bees came swarming out. They have to gas it tonight, to kill them off. Poor bees.

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